Is light or dark-colored hardwood flooring best?

Is light or dark-colored hardwood flooring best?

There's no right or wrong answer to that question. Choosing light or dark wood flooring depends on your style, furnishings, and passion; people either love one or dislike the other and vice versa!

Here are some guidelines that can help you choose. Remember, if you don't wish to commit to one of the others, you can always use a medium tone like honey/copper.

Color basics

1. Light-colored hardwood is vulnerable to sun fading because it reflects, rather than absorbs, the light. Therefore, adequate window coverings may be essential.

Dark floors absorb the light rather than reflect it. That means there will be much less sun damage.

Your hardwood flooring company can advise you further on preventing sun damage.

2. Do you have a shedding pet? Dark fur will show up on light floors and vice versa.

3. Are you installing in a small or large room? Dark floors may make an already-small one look even smaller and more cramped.

Light floors provide an airy, open feeling. In addition, they will visually enlarge a small room.

Light colors: open, airy atmospheres

Light wood floors coordinate with just about anything. They also hide dust, scuffs, and light-colored soil well.

Whether you want engineered wood or solid hardwood flooring, you'll find plenty of light and dark colors in our showroom. You'll find brands like Lauzon, Mohawk, and others.

Darker woods for sophistication

These days, dark woods are getting even darker with stains like ebony. They add elegance to a room, and balance is key to the design. Lighten up walls and upholstery.

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