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Carpet Information:

New carpets come in a massive range of colour, texture, patterns, and softness.  We are proud to carry carpet from some of the world’s largest manufactures. All of our carpets are manufactured in North America, while the wool is sourced abroad.

Carpet Fibres:

Carpet fibres that are in common use today are nylon, polyester, olefin (polypropylene), triexta, and wool.  All fibres have strong attributes, and some have weaker attributes. The brands of fibres include SmartStrand with DuPont Sorona, Stainmaster Nylon, Wear-Dated Nylon, EverStrand PET Polyester, and Wools of New Zealand.

Nylon: Has a long and proven track record thanks to the ability to withstand heavy traffic with retaining its texture and appearance. Nylon fades in sunlight, and must be stain treated to be soil and stain resistant. Wear-Dated and Stainmaster are both premium stain treatments added to premium Nylon 6,6 fibre.

Triexta: Is a completely new form of carpeting fibre that has now been recognized by the Federal Trade Commission as a unique fiber subclass. Triexta has demonstrated characteristics previously never seen in the carpeting world. It has spring–like molecular structure which provides carpets an incredible resiliency in addition to stain resistance engineered into the fibre itself. As a result of not having a topical chemical treatment, triexta brings a remarkable softness and natural sensibility as well. Triexta’s exceptional abilities extend to outstanding colorfastness as well; it is continuously praised for its resistance to fading from UV light, sunlight, and ozone. Triexta is known under the brands of SmartStrand and SmartStrand with DuPont Sorona.

PET Polyester: Is the excellent balance of good qualities; a well–rounded mix of durability, color, and cost. Unlike polyester carpets of old, PET fibers are stronger with natural and permanent stain resistance. The brand of PET Polyester that we carry is EverStrand Revive. It is made from 100% post–consumer recycled content - plastic bottles.

Olefin or Polypropylene: The greatest strength of Olefin carpet fibres is its strength. It doesn’t make a bit of difference whether the carpet is exposed to wet or dry conditions, the fibres remain strong and equally resilient in either setting. In addition to low moisture absorption properties, Olefin is stain, mildew, abrasion, chemical and sunlight resistant. While these carpet fibres may not represent the largest selection of colors, they do boast an extremely impressive colorfastness that will last for years.

Wool: Wools of New Zealand is a sustainable natural fibre with outstanding beauty, performance, maintenance and well-being benefits. It is also non-allergenic and its natural properties provide inherent fire resistance, air purification and moisture control, creating an exceptionally safe and healthy indoor environment.

Carpet Underlayment:

When getting new carpet, it is necessary to also get new underlayment (also known as underpad/underlay) to maintain a warranty on the carpet. There are many options so here is the basic information:

Chip foam underlays are the most popular due to several factors including price, feel, and a durability that matches most carpets. Premium rubber underlays unfortunately have a harder feel, are expensive, and the synthetic rubber dries out and crumbles long before the expected 50 year lifespan is near.
Chip foam underlays are talked about by thickness and density. Premium styles will also use memory foam instead of some of the regular chips of foam. The density ranges from 4.5 lbs (per cubic foot) to 10 lbs. High-density is considered to be 6 lbs and above. Thickness ranges from 1/4" to 15/32". Carpet manufactures will not warrantee carpets over a 1/2" underlay anymore (really common through the 1990's).

Absolutely Floored stocks two underlays: 7/16" 8 lb density, and a 15/32" 9 lb made with memory foam called SmartCushion. Both will help extend the life of your carpet, but a great reason to upgrade to the SmartCushion is that it extends the warranties of all Mohawk carpets, plus adds warranty coverage to stairs (which are always excluded from carpet warranties).

More Information:

For more information, check out the website of the Carpet and Rug Institute, which is a non-profit association that represents carpet made in North America.

SmartStand Carpet made with DuPont Sorona renewably sourced polymer available at Absolutely Floored
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